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Knive Sharpening

Knife Sharpening
The knife is the most important tool in any chefs arsenal

They help sculpt and carve the beauty of your creation. It is critical that your knife is in peak performance so that any kitchen task can be carried out with ease. Of the Gardens Culinary provides professional whet stone sharpening and restoration to keep your knife in top shape.

Services and Prices



Price varies


Tip Repair



Straight Edge Blades

$1.50 - per inch


Serrated Blades/Single Bevel

$2.00 - per inch


Clevers, Axes, & Machetes

$3.00 - per inch

Call, text, or email to set up an appointment for knife pick up and delivery

Or schedule an appointment for In-house sharpening.

We will come to your house or restaurant to sharpen on the spot!

Soiled knives have an automatic cleaning fee of


Pick up/Delivery and In-house times are between


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